A day in the life of a Kookaburra Coffee event

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A weekend event usually starts on a Friday, travelling and then setting up the trailer, ready for an early start next day; and an early start it will be. Just one of the joys of the mobile coffee catering business!  

Getting into the trailer at around 6.30am we turn on the coffee machine and proceed to check all is in place ready for opening.

On regular occasions we have a few Kookaburra Coffee addicts poking their heads in the back door, wondering how long before they can get their first hit of the day.

Well, everyone has their own way to get their heart pumping this early - but we think it's a good idea.









Our dedication to making the perfect cup of coffee shines through and this is what makes a Kookaburra coffee such a sought after product.


We hope to see you soon!



Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic all our events have been cancelled for 2020 

We are currently taking bookings for 2021.

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